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隨筆#4 - 42|FN#4 - 42


文字、印刷機和電腦的發明是人類歷史上的關鍵時刻,改變了我們交流、學習和創造的方式。隨著 GenML 的出現,我們可能正處於另一個奇點的邊緣,為人類進化帶來超過其先前轉變總和的巨大影響。

GenML 代表生成機器學習,這是一種人工智能形式,允許通過使用算法創建新的原創內容。這項技術與其他新興技術一起,有可能引發新的合奏效應(Lollapalooza Effect),多種技術進步結合在一起,產生重大影響並改變我們所知道的世界。

人類天生游牧,GenML 邀請我們擁抱我們固有的本性。我們目前使用工業時代設計的工作和教育模式未來將發生巨大變化。強調學習成為一個更好的任務執行者將被培養一個人的好奇心、學會提出問題以及不斷迭代和提升效率來挑戰個人的想法取代。


也許這是人類的最好時代,但隨著人工智能工具變得越來越易於使用,問題仍然存在:我們將用它們創造什麼呢?一切仍然不確定,未來仍待看。然而,GenML 塑造未來的潛力是不可否認的。現在,我們的任務是充分利用這個機會,為我們和後代建造一個更美好的未來。

The invention of characters, the printing press, and computers have all been pivotal moments in human history, transforming the way we communicate, learn, and create. With the advent of Generative Machine Learning (GenML), we may be on the brink of another singularity, a shift in human evolution that could bring about a massive impact that surpasses the sum of previous transformations.

GenML allows for the creation of new and original content through the use of algorithms. This technology, along with other emerging technologies, has the potential to trigger a new Lollapalooza Effect, where multiple technological advancements come together to create a significant impact and change the world as we know it.

Human beings are naturally nomadic and GenML invites us to embrace this inherent nature. The future of work and education, unlike what we still use from the industrial age, will change dramatically. The emphasis on learning to perform specific tasks will be replaced by nurturing one's curiosity, learning to ask questions, and constantly challenging one's ideas for iteration and improvement.

AI tools present both opportunities and challenges. On the one hand, they democratize creation and empower small nations and minorities to make a significant impact on the world by reducing the need for aggregated brain power and allowing them to simply ask the right questions. On the other hand, they raise the risk that anyone can use them to create devastating asymmetrical warfare.

The future remains uncertain, but the potential of GenML to shape it is undeniable. It is now up to us to make the most of this opportunity and build a better future for ourselves and generations to come.

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