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隨筆#3 - 投資的困境:元宇宙與太空探索|FN#3 - The Dilemma of Investment: The Metaverse vs Space Exploration

metaverse vs. space exploration







As we look at the current investment landscape, it's important to consider two very different options: the metaverse and space exploration. While each presents its own opportunities and challenges, it's important to remember that these are merely hypotheses and open for discussion. The following thoughts are simply my personal opinions and should be taken as such.

The metaverse, a virtual world where people spend a significant portion of their time, has drawn interest from venture capitalists who see potential for high growth and fast returns on investment. The prospect of shaping and controlling the metaverse through marketing is certainly appealing. However, it's also important to consider that the metaverse is a delicate construct that is susceptible to hacking and other forms of cyber interference which could have a profound impact on both individuals and society. Such manipulations could include the spreading of misinformation, censorship, and propaganda.

On the other hand, space exploration offers antifragility, as it provides access to new resources and opportunities for scientific discovery and innovation. This has led to significant investment by global powers, who see it as a way to secure resources, advance their military capabilities, and increase their global influence.

Determining the better investment is not a straightforward answer, as each presents its own advantages and disadvantages. While the metaverse may offer quick returns, the fragility of such an investment must be considered. Space exploration, on the other hand, offers antifragility, access to new resources, and opportunities for scientific discovery and innovation, but also presents its own challenges.

It's possible that the gaming aspect of the metaverse currently attracting investment may not be its most promising use case. However, other applications of the metaverse, such as remote human collaboration and digital twins, may offer antifragility, much like space exploration.

Ultimately, the investment decisions made by global powers will greatly impact the future of humanity, and it's up to us to scrutinize these decisions and question the motivations behind them. The investment dilemma of the metaverse versus space exploration is a complex and crucial one that deserves careful consideration and open discussion.

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